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About Us

Domino stars was  established on the 22nd of November 2010 ,it is a voluntary organisation which is made up of youths of different ages and different culture. According to the name DOMINOS it means (A situation or action that allows other events to take place.) In Domino's we believe that we are able to make things happen in other to help not only our community but also the world at large. Domino stars helps to create a healthy and wealthy community.

In the light of understanding what our society is passing through , we realized that in order to create a healthy and wealthy community ,the change must first begin with us .we believe that changing a person’s life can lead to a thousand of more changed lives .Our vision is to empower youths and raise funds to help the needy in every little way we can , to be role models to the people of our society , spreading the message of love and letting everyone know that wealth is based on the number of lives that has been impacted.

More Information

Domino stars is a non governmental organistion that is into charity work and youth empowerment.

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Phone: 08103830242

Mobile: 07036619303

6, Oki Lane, Mende, Maryland